Midnight Candle

Candle handled dagger with a single flame as the blade

weapon (melee)

The Midnight Candle is a +1 dagger with what looks like a candle for the handle. The blade is in the shape of a long single steel flame. When the command word is spoken the blade glows like a Light spell, but it only illuminates for the welder. No one else can see the glow. Once a day, the welder can blow on the blade and cast Darkness.


The first Midnight Candle was made by a xenophobic dark murder cult from a time before Norgorber. Populated by only humans they needed a way to sneak around at night with out prying eyes seeing their torches. When the cult eventually was destroyed a manuscript was found on how to make them and they have been passed down for generations amounst assassin guilds.

Midnight Candle

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